About Us!


It’s Who I Am is an online magazine by young adults for young adults featuring works of writing including essays, articles, and blogs.


Empowering our youth, one at a time. Race, religion, sexual orientation gender identity, and all other identities do not alter our opinions of others. We help and encourage young adults on a personal level to discover who they are, to embrace their uniqueness, and learn to accept and advocate for others.


It’s Who I Am is not just another teen magazine. We will not be addressing issues such as make-up, self tanning, fashion, or celebrity gossip. Instead, our focus is on you, the whole teen. We address issues that are important to you, and are affecting you as well as others. There are a multitude of issues that young adults face, and we hope to focus and address as many of them as possible.
Readers are encouraged to contact us with ideas and concerns, as well as constructive criticism, as we are focused on making you happy with what we are giving you.